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IBB.PL, 145g width 1.0m, [m2]

£0.75 net £0.39 net

Wkręt-Met, TD-60 pack=100pcs, [pcs]

£0.17 net £0.10 net

Wkręt-Met, LIT-10*90 10*90mm, [pcs]

£0.17 net £0.10 net

IBB.PL, Al 5cm/2.5m, [pcs]

£4.92 net £2.95 net

IBB.PL, facade EPS-70 50*500*1000mm pack=0.3m3/6m2/12pcs, [m2]

£3.13 net £1.88 net

AVAL, drip profile with mesh 10mm/250cm, [pcs]

£6.58 net £3.95 net

AVAL, window profile with mesh 6/2400mm, [pcs]

£6.58 net £3.95 net

AVAL, A 155g 1*50m, [m2]

£1.08 net £0.65 net

AVAL, PCV 2.5m, [pcs]

£2.42 net £1.45 net

IBB.Ltd, PVC stop bead P4 4mm/2.5m, [pcs]

£2.42 net £1.45 net

IBB.PL, 032 graphite 50mm pack=0.3m3/6m2/12pcs, [m2]

£5.00 net £3.00 net

IBB.Ltd, IBBTherm PMA 11 bag 25kg, [pack]

£12.08 net £7.25 net

IBB.Ltd, IBBTherm AT 100, dotted 1.5mm grain, white bucket 25kg, [pack]

£37.08 net £22.25 net

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IBB Estimator

We are happy to introduce the new version of IBB Estimator. This is the third version of the construction cost estimates that over the ten years we have developed, using the experience of previous years and the attention of users.

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IBB Builder - Magazine

IBB Builder magazine is available free of charge in both print and digital format and reach 10,000 of IBB Polish Building Wholesale customers and 5,000 registered businesses. It is also distributed through trade counters of various local businesses.

Download IBB Builder No. 7/2017

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IBB Therm

IBBTherm - is a professional Insulation External Render Systems for buildings - a wide range of solutions based on the high quality thin coat render in a wide range of colours.

Features of IBBTherm renders enriched with the Polymers® protection:
  • resistant to deposition of dust and dirt on the surface of the facade,
  • easy to clean, removing stains and dirt,
  • resistant to washing,
  • provide effective protection against weather conditions,
  • resistant to the destructive effect of UV rays,
  • resistant to water penetration, which quickly flows along the surface of the facade,
  • resistant to washing out protective substances,
  • easy to apply.
IBBTherm products are based on a special combination of ingredients that allow for easy application, whilst maintaining good adhesion to the substrate. Properly configured additives regulate the time that products take to work, and enable easy application on every type of surface especially important in case of rendering, where the desired structure must be obtained without risk of premature binding.

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IBB Fair 2010 - Europe`s Strongest Man, Medley competition

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IBB Fair 2010-Fashion show, modern dance

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