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Introducing our premium Render Tape, an indispensable ally for every builder and contractor. Designed meticulously with the stucco process in mind, our tapes promise not just adherence but unparalleled convenience. Clinging securely, our render tapes ensure that your building is efficiently prepped, and offers the added benefit of tearing with utmost ease. But that’s not all, our tapes stand out in post-application as well; when it's time for removal, expect no resistance or unwanted tears, even on surfaces like plaster boards, cement renders, repair mortars, and dry lining. The clean-up process is thus made swift and hassle-free. And if you're concerned about those unpredictable weather elements, fret not. Our tape boasts resilience against the damaging effects of weather, ensuring it remains steadfast until your job is successfully completed. Choose Render Tape for a smooth, reliable, and efficient stucco-prepping experience.

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  1. Masking tape MT-PE(R) contractor red 48mm x 50m
    Masking tape MT-PE(R) contractor red 48mm x 50m
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    £5.18 / pcs
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