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Delving into the domain of advanced finishing, IBB UK's Silicate Render category offers products that exemplify both innovation and quality. A standout in our collection of Top Coat Silicate offerings is the Silicate Render Self-Cleaning Photocatalytic 1.5mm Dotted White 25kg - a modern solution that marries aesthetics with functionality, ensuring surfaces remain pristine with its self-cleaning properties. Perfectly complementing our External Wall Insulation offerings, our silicate renders provide an impeccable finish, enhancing the longevity and appearance of insulated exteriors. While our range prominently features silicate solutions, we also appreciate the versatility of acrylic render and mineral render, ensuring our customers have a comprehensive selection for varied needs. And to ensure the perfect application of these products, our curated collection of trowels and floats ensures precision and ease. Trust IBB UK's Silicate Render category to offer top-tier solutions, ensuring both resilience and beauty in every project.

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  1. Silicate render self-cleaning photocatalytic 1.5mm dotted white 25 kg
    Silicate render self-cleaning photocatalytic 1.5mm dotted white 25 kg
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