Terms & Conditions Announcement Board

1. By posting content in the Announcement Board (AB) and making it available, the Customer disseminates the content voluntarily. The posted content does not express the views of the Service Provider and should not be equated with its activities. The service provider is not a content provider, but only an entity that provides adequate ICT resources for this purpose.

2. The customer declares that:

a) is entitled to use proprietary copyrights, industrial property rights and / or related rights to - respectively - works, objects of industrial property rights (e.g. trademarks) and / or objects of related rights that make up the content;

b) placing and sharing, as part of the services referred to in § 10 of the Regulations, personal data, image and information about third parties took place legally, voluntarily and with the consent of the persons to whom they relate;

c) agrees to access the published content by other Customers, the Service Provider and Sellers, as well as authorizes the Service Provider to use them free of charge in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations;

d) gives consent to compilations of works within the meaning of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights.

3. The customer is not entitled to:

a) posting, as part of using the services referred to in § 10 of the Regulations, personal data of third parties and disseminating the image of third parties without the consent or consent of a third party required by law;

b) posting, as part of using the services referred to in § 10 of the Regulations, advertising and / or promotional content, in particular competitive to ibb.pl

4. It is forbidden for Customers to post, as part of using the services referred to in § 10 of the Regulations, content that could, in particular:

a) be published in bad faith, e.g. with an intention to infringe personal rights of third parties;

b) violate any rights of third parties, including rights related to the protection of copyright and related rights, protection of industrial property rights, trade secret or related to confidentiality obligations;

c) be offensive or constitute a threat to other people, contain vocabulary that violates good manners (e.g. by using profanity or expressions commonly considered offensive);

d) be contrary to the interest of the Service Provider or Sellers, i.e. content constituting advertising materials of another entrepreneur or product; content not related to the activities of the Service Provider or Sellers; false or misleading content;

e) otherwise violate the provisions of the Regulations, good manners, provisions of applicable law, social or moral norms.

5. In the event of receiving a notification in accordance with § 12 of the Regulations, the Service Provider reserves the right to modify or delete the content posted by customers as part of their use of the services referred to in § 10 of the Regulations, in particular with regard to the content for which based on reports of third parties or relevant authorities, it was found that they may constitute a violation of these Regulations or applicable law.

6. The Customer grants the Service Provider a non-exclusive license, unlimited in time and territory, to use the content posted by the Customer in the Announcement Board, in particular the publication of content on the Website.

7. If the Client or another person or entity considers that the content published in AB violates their rights, personal rights, good manners, feelings, morality, beliefs, the principles of fair competition, know-how, a secret protected by law or under an obligation , may notify the Service Provider of a potential violation. The Service Provider, notified of a potential violation, takes immediate steps to remove the content causing the violation from the AB.

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