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At IBB UK, the value of dependable, high-quality tools is deeply understood, especially when it comes to the essentials like brushes, brooms, and shovels. A clean worksite is not just about keeping this neat and tidy; it's foundational for safety and care in every construction task. Our curated collection features tools tailored for diverse cleanup and preparation needs. Among our standout offerings, the Krobahn Wire Brush stands out for its robustness and efficiency, ideal for scraping and cleaning metal surfaces. Meanwhile, the Brush Broom ZU600 600mm is designed for broader sweeps, ensuring every corner of your site remains pristine. Each tool in this category is crafted for durability, ensuring they withstand the daily rigours of construction environments. Trust in IBB UK to provide you with brushes, brooms, and shovels that not only meet but exceed your site maintenance expectations.

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  1. General purpose wire brush krobahn
    General purpose wire brush krobahn
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    £2.02 / pcs
    £1.68 / pcs
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  2. Brush broom ZU600 600mm
    Brush broom ZU600 600mm
    £4.37 / pcs £3.64 / pcs
    £3.74 / pcs
    £3.12 / pcs
    Product available: 18 [pcs]
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