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With the IBB Cost Estimate you can create construction cost estimates even in few minutes!

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What is IBB Cost Estimate program?

IBBestimator is a tool designed by builders for builders and investors, for everyone involved in the construction process. It enables the estimating of construction works while maintaining the appropriate accuracy, while meeting one of the most important parameters for this type of programs, i.e. the ease and speed of estimating.

The application enables:

  • Estimating of basic construction works in the field of Labor, Materials, Equipment, Overheads and Profit
  • use of several cost estimate libraries, i.e.:
  • IBB Library - where estimate items are our suggestion
  • Block Library - enabling intuitive and convenient cost estimation based on high-quality 3D graphics
  • Indicator Library - the fastest, automatic cost estimate based on the entered indicators
  • Own Library - created as a result of own corrections of cost estimate items or built entirely independently based on our form
  • editing and changing all parameters of individual cost estimate items with the option to save as own in your Library
  • change the name of cost estimates
  • filtering the obtained results for better transparency
  • automatic generation of workload as well as work schedules and their subsequent editing
  • creating the cost estimate elements in the form of PDF and Excel files (subscribers of the PRO365 version)
  • importing the logo and placing the logo into the ocuments along with the company name
  • importing graphics and drawings to generated documents archiving the cost estimates made
  • having access to the saved, written estimates and editing
  • sharing your cost estimates by granting access to them in the application to the selected email address

Professional drawings will significantly facilitate your work

The new version cost estimates is still being prepared and in the works!


Version comparison

We have prepared different access rights for each group of our users. We present them in the tables below.

Guest version

  • our cost estimates are intended only for registered and logged in users of the website. We invite you to register for free

Registered user

  • the right to use the basic version of online cost estimates
  • updates available
  • entering your own company and personal data into the cost estimate
  • the possibility of saving the prepared cost estimate to the archive
  • two of the four cost estimate libraries available, ie the IBB Library and the Block Library
  • saving to a PDF file without the possibility of editing the cost estimate parameters
  • ...


  • scope as for a registered user and additionally for the subscription validity period:
  • editing the rates of Labor, Tools and Overheads
  • additional Own Library enabling changes in cost estimate items and archiving
  • the ability to build your own cost estimate items
  • ...


  • scope as for the PRO30 subscriber and additionally for the subscription validity period:
  • saving to EXCEL file
  • additional Index Library - calculating the work automatically based on the choice of the type of building and the size
  • possibility to attach drawings and 3D graphics to the cost estimate
  • advertising your own company in a selected construction category
  • ...


  • option only for active subscribers of PRO365 and in addition:
  • editing the names of cost estimate items, changing their order
  • the possibility of exchanging materials in individual cost estimate items from the IBB database or your own
  • automatically creating construction work schedule
  • building cost estimate items itself according to the user's needs
  • the ability to share cost estimates with other registered users
  • ...


Can I use the program as a registered user without PRO subscription?

Yes. The cost estimate application is also a free tool, however purchasing a PRO30 Subscription or PRO365 Subscription gives you access to extended versions and additional possibilities. The Ultimate version is the highest version that gives the full capabilities of the program. Please see the respective versions for different users in the table above.

Will I be able to print the cost estimate in a pdf file?

Of course, having the version of the program and being a registered user of the IBB website, it is possible to save and print in a pdf file containing even your company logo!

What software is required to use the program?

The cost estimate program works in both Windows and iOS environments, but you should have the current version of JAVA software. Our application requires downloading to a computer and login data from the IBB online service.

Does installing the program require additional knowledge?

Installation does not require additional knowledge, and the instructions are available in the Step by step tab, which will be revealed after uploading the latest version of the cost estimate that we are currently working on.

The fee for the professional version of online building estimator seems low. How reliable is it, how accurate? We all know that what is cheap can't be good?

The online cost estimator we offer are our proprietary program built by builders for builders and investors. It's not cheap just inexpensive. Its accuracy is about the same as the performance of different builders or the valuation of one builder compared to another. One is faster, the other is slower, one is very accurate and the other is accurate enough. It is similar with cost estimates. The most important are labor workload and material consumption. The rates and levels of overheads are an individual matter. For this reason, we have built the so-called The IBB Library, which is our proposal including rates, labor consumption, the amount of overheads, material consumption and their type, profit level, etc. All these elements can be edited by yourself, adjusted and thus build your Own Library and thus your own level of calculation.

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