Gel Adhesive Technology

Gel Adhesive Technology

Atlas Geoflex is a highly flexible gel adhesive. Its recipe is an effect of cooperation between Atlas R&D Department and contractors participating in numerous validation and testing. This new product is quickly becoming a hit on the market due to its unique operational and technical parameters as well as original packaging. The line of Geoflex adhesive consists of Atlas Geoflex, Atlas Geoflex White and Atlas Geoflex Ultra.

  • Thin- layer and thick-layer bonding and filling
  • Perfect consistency
  • Gel plasticity
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Perfect bonding to difficult substrates
  • Extended open time
  • Tight and durable packaging
  • Grouting just after 12hrs 

Geoflex adhesive can be used within the range between 2 and 15mm of layer thickness. In addition it can level the uneven substrate. This product save the time as contractor can use it both to level the substrate and lay the tiles either on walls or floors. Working with gel adhesive is different then traditional cement-based adhesive. To achieve perfect consistency second mixing is required, as it allows for elastic and smooth gel consistency. This simplifies the application as the adhesive sticks well to the trowel and can be distributed properly. This adhesive does not loose its volume during drying. There is no shrinkage or pulling effect. The tiles can be fixed on the next day. Geoflex adhesives belongs to class C2TE- what means the product is of improved bonding, extended open time and reduce slip. The improved water absorption allows all tiles to be fixed on it – both absorbent and non-absorbent, including concrete, terrazzo, old tiles or OSB boards. Gel technology formula allows for application on substrates with increased temperature like screeds with UFH, surfaces exposed to direct sunlight like balconies or terraces. What’s more it offers higher adhesion in low temperatures. Due to increased opening time Geoflex gives more time to fixed the tiles and allows for larger area to be prepared at once. Grouting is possible after 12 hours. Geoflex can be used in both residential and commercial projects. More info about Geoflex you will find here

Ultra Gel technology was based on siliceous gel which is a perfect solution to problems that may arise during the preparation and application of the mortar and later. It is possible to regulate its consistency with the amount of mixing water to be added. It allows for perfect spread beneath the tile and perfect bonding and no flow even for very large tiles. Geoflex Ultra is 3-in-1 adhesive – it allows tiling, levelling or levelling and tiling. For more details about Geoflex Ultra check here.

White gel adhesives have excellent technical parameters and their application range is wider then traditional grey cement adhesives. White adhesives are appreciated by contractors as they give certain margin for mistakes. White adhesives should be used when the properties of tiles are unknown. For instance in case of natural stone tiles, conglomerate, some polished porcelain-gres tiles,  glass and stone mosaic, some glass tiles. White gel adhesive reduce the error of discolouration of the tile or stains. More details about Geoflex White you will find here. 

Check the comparison table between ATLAS Ultra Geoflex, ATLAS Geoflex and ATLAS Geoflex White which is available in March 2018 issue of our BUILDER magazine.

ATLAS Geoflex range is available in our depots 

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