Construction and Sport Sponsorship

Construction and Sport Sponsorship

Construction and sport go well together. IBB Builders Merchants support volleyball in England. Sponsored team, IBB Polonia London VC has already started the 2018-2019 season with few victories in Super League top of the table clashes. The positive phase continues for IBB Polonia London. Simon Loftus’s players have still not lost a match this season. The faithful fans travelled to the away matches.

“We were all looking forward to this top of the table encounter, and thanks to IBB Builders Merchants, we were able to travel with our team for free. We are delighted that we could support our team in this away fixture. The team showed courage and spirit and defeated the opponents, and we supported with all of our might” said Jan Ploszajski, President of the Official IBB Polonia London VC Supporters Club.

After the return to London, there will be no time to rest. The players must prepare for the next match and focus on this elements of their game that require attention. 

“Of course we can’t wait for the next game. we invite everyone who loves volleyball to come and join us in the sports hall and to support the players. Let’s show everyone how amazing and emotional this sport is, and how much fun it can be supporting our players” added the President of the Fanclub.

IBB Polonia London Volleyball Club offers fantastic opportunities for construction businesses to get involved in sport sponsorship and further promote their business. Club has the vast numbers of fans and amazing sport community around. Every partner involved in the creation of Volleyball 2.0 by either match sponsorship or investment in shares will benefit from for instance:

  • business recognition
  • prestige – sport sponsorship is highly valued nowadays
  • promotion
  • social and entertainment benefits

With the help of IBB Builders Merchants as a main sponsor IBB Polonia London VC has won twice  the title of English Champions in Volleyball.

Book your tickets now here . Visit IBB Polonia VC for more information and match schedules.

If you would like to support the team here is more information on available match sponsorship offers or shareholders’ offer.

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